About us

We are a brand strategy design consultancy specialising in digital.

Design Bureau is a full-service boutique design firm based in Cape Town. We are a team of multi-skilled digital specialists who are always up for a challenge and learning as fast as digital is changing.

We work closely with startups, corporates and advertising agencies all over the world to create iconic brands and engaging experiences that connect people to brands and organizations.

We combine strategy, research, design and technology to create unique experiences that inspire, engage, and convert effectively and tirelessly.


Our philosophy

It’s more than just making you look great. We believe good design is fundamental to allowing people to connect and communicate effectively. It is our passion to take concepts, ideas, metaphors, and emotions and translate them into memorable and captivating visual experiences.

Great work requires more than a smart strategy, beautiful design or well structured code. Great work is created only when together, with our clients, we follow these principles:

  1. Raise the bar

    We’re driven by a relentless thirst for iconic design and smart tech solutions. It feels amazing to do work we‘re proud of, and we only deliver our very best.

  2. Push the envelope

    Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. We choose to lead by pushing the boundaries on what is possible and striving to improve on every success.

  3. Create value

    We see our client’s success as a measure of our own. We aim to provide open access to expertise and a sympathetic ear. Our clients act as a part of our team and we work together towards a shared vision.

  4. Think human

    While we thrive on innovation, our approach is always grounded by best practices and a focus on human-centered design. We believe in honest design that provides value for both our client and their customers.


Brands we’ve worked with
What clients are saying
  1. You guys have provided some fantastic insight for us, and the solutions are ones
    that I have wanted for the past two years, but couldn’t articulate so eloquently and
    with such specific data and examples. Outstanding work on this.

    Daniel Gillespie

    Website/Portals Editor
    Cape Nature

  2. The advice has not only vastly improved the usability of the module, but it has also significantly cut our development time by eliminating unnecessary design iterations and user training.

    Johan van Noordwyk


  3. Absolutely fantastic work. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

    Chris Pilling

    CEO and Founder

  4. Bloody brilliant. I love it. Well done, and bravo!

    John Young

    Young and Enterprising

  5. I have worked closely the Design Bureau team for over a year I have had nothing short of a fantastic experience!

    The Faircape Group is a diversified company consisting of 10 business units – each of which demand a different focus and a lot of patience. Design Bureau have managed to deal with each of our services individually, providing detailed specifications and exceeding expectations with output.

    The Design Bureau team are reliable with project and development timelines – communication is clear and expectations managed. I highly recommend their service!

    Kate Lighton

    Marketing Manager
    Faircape Group

  6. We are so inspired by the new design for our publications. Brilliant work!

    Clive During

    Managing Director
    Global Africa Network

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