Why it’s important


Branding is more than just a logo. Branding is about expressing a company’s personality and values and building a consistent and memorable experience that resonates with customers and builds loyalty.

But it’s more important than that. Branding isn’t just about looking good. We understand that your brand is your most valuable asset. It speaks on every level of interaction with your customers, and in the competitive marketplace, where consumers scan crowded shelves, or where your proposal is one in a pile of many, making an impact means the difference between making the sale or getting the deal… or not.

That affects your bottom line, and that’s why having a good brand is crucial.

What we do

We love to create brands that people love. We take it very seriously and we get a kick out of creating brands that instill pride in our customers and help them to succeed. Whether you are looking to create a new brand or rejuvenate an old and tired one, we provide expertise in the following areas:

  1. Logos and identity systems

    With diligent research, lateral thinking and fearless exploration, we delve deeply into metaphor and emotion and lean on the subtle nuances that inform personality and style to arrive at an honest, compelling and beautiful image of your brand.

  2. Brand strategy

    A successful brand strategy means relying on a deeper set of insights informed by research into user behavior, customer segmentation, positioning, naming, and messaging so that your brand can speak with a strong voice and to the right crowd.

  3. Marketing and brand collateral

    We offer the full suite of products and services to arm your brand. We create impactful stationery, printed media, labels, adverts, signage, websites and marketing campaigns and draw on a wealth of experience and expertise to do it right, every time.

  4. Branding guidelines

    Trust is built with consistency. We bulletproof your brand by creating specifications for logo use, placement, typography, color, iconography, image style, metaphor, language and more. This ensures that your brand works for you tirelessly and effectively.

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