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User Experience (UX)

There is a vast graveyard littered with companies who had great ideas and innovative products, yet failed to gain traction in the market because they didn’t understand their customers or neglected their user experience.

For people who love to build things, when something’s not working, it’s tempting to press on and simply build more features, or pivot and try something else. Despite our best intentions, hard work and honest belief in the value of our products, many still fail. But why?

The truth is sobering. Other than the exceptional cases, consumers are impatient and disinterested in your product. Even the ones who sign up to try it out, only a small percentage are willing to stick around to use it more. A typical product might see 90% refuse to sign up. And then of the ones who do sign up, over 90% of users disengage and become inactive over time.

It’s a great frustration for entrepreneurs. But there’s hope. While these metrics are terrible, they are also normal and well understood, and there is a vast body of literature and dedicated fields of study on topics surrounding adoption cycles, usability, user behaviour and strategies for how to solve UX problems.

What we do

We can help. Our aim for User Experience (UX) is to meet your business goals by improving customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with your digital product. By applying best practices for good usability and interaction design, we’ll make sure your product is a joy to use and leaves a lasting impression.

  1. Wireframing and prototyping

    We produce detailed outlines of user pathways and high-fidelity interactive models of your product. Instead of going straight to production and fixing problems later on during development, it is vastly more cost-effective to rapidly iterate through concepts and user journeys early on with wireframes and interactive prototypes.

  2. Usability studies

    Through rigorous tests and expert review, we will produce a deep study of your existing product and look at user behavior and usability problems and provide you with a detailed report outlining problem areas as well as providing clear direction and methods for optimizing user experience and following good usability standards.

  3. User research and behaviour analysis

    We employ a suite of advanced user tracking software for analyzing engagement and interaction behaviour as well as providing valuable insights into conversion rates, demographics, technology and interests. We’ll build a detailed case study outlining areas needing improvement as well as potential new areas for growth.

  4. UX/UI Guidelines

    We’ll provide you with a gold standard UX manual that empowers you to leap into production with a better understanding of your users and their interests and goals as well as clear and practical methods and guidelines for following a human-centered design approach, informed by international standards for usability.

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